white ppl are literally racist until proven otherwise, you can’t trust them. and this isn’t “being mean” or “generalizing” it’s a defense mechanism honestly

you can say you aren’t racist but that doesn’t matter either. It’s all about your behavior. Calling people a n***** and saying it’s justified because you grew up around black people is racist. Making a joke saying, “If someone calls me racist I’ll tell them my dad’s black.” is racist. Saying that you’re an “honorary Mexican” (what even does that mean) because you ate Mexican food with Mexicans more than once is racist.

malia you dork

lydia is trying to banshee

Allison gave her…




to all the people with shitty mums i want to make it known that i am your mum now

you are a 20 year old male

  • I
  • AM
  • YOUR
  • NOW

hi mom can I have a hug


Being good to each other is so important, guys.


trying to find someone you like who likes you back


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